Time Management Tips


On a serious note, managing time sounds bit oxymoron. Well, we all want to use all the necessary time management tools and tips so we can have few extra time, but most of us do not get that few extra minutes, and we don’t know why!….. In order to be effective in managing our time, one has to understand that TIME is the most precious natural resource that is equally available to all, and can not be recycled or revised if wasted.Have you ever asked yourself what if time was for sale? or is controlled by another human being( just like you!) Wouldn’t some people have more while others have less time?  the generosity of the Most High is beyond our expectation therefore, we should all be thankful to Him for giving us an equal chance.

Managing your time effectively does not necessarily mean you are stretching time so you can finish all your batches in just one day, but it means focusing on doing the most important thing first and least important task later.
The following are five important tips that will help you improve your time management skills.

     1. Examine your time

You can only fix a problem if you acknowledge the existence of that problem. Examine how, and where you waste your time most of the time. Keep a record of your time so you can track exactly where you need to improve.  Ask yourself, what are the distractions that keep me not to have a productive day (week, or year)? Once you have acknowledged them, try to minimize them, because it is very hard to eliminate a habit overnight, therefore limit the time you waste on your habits that are not making you a productive person and with time they will perish. In this category good intention and tawakkul (trusting in God’s plan) is necessary for you to keep the battle.

       2.  Have a to-do list

I can’t get enough of this. With  all the gadgets that are available in our time, one can be more organized and more efficient in their time management, if only they use it according to the need, because sometimes those gadgets we use can be our worst distracts, and waste our most precious resource ( time). No matter what you do, in whatever field you are in, there are digital systems that can help you achieve your time management goals. It is very hard to remember all the necessary stuff that we are supposed to do in a day or in a week off-head therefore, just keep a simple record of your to-do list in your phone, book or your computer whichever one you use most. Make sure you batch similar tasks together. It is easier in that way to remember and you will be more organized. Always I mean always plan your day ahead.

      3. Set a deadline and have one single focus

This is an important tool as it will make it easier for you to stop the excuse to push an important task back. Of course, many have talked about how multitasking is a time-consuming because people lose focus and in that case you will not do justice to either projects that you are doing, so avoid overloading yourself with unnecessary tasks. Having focus means doing things effectively which also means creating more time. Be specific and limit your time on each task, most likely you will be able to accomplish more with a little time.

         4. Create  time 

Every successful person you may know has the same 24- hours as yours, but what they do with their 24 hours marks the differences. Human beings have different levels of concentration, what works for me may not work for you. Figure out what works best for you and try to extend your time of productivity. If you are morning person try to wake up one hour early and if you are night owl fix your most important tasks before you go to bed and you will see the magic. “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man (person) healthy, wealthy and wise”.

Block your time into sections. For example 6am-7am, 7am-10am and such to avoid   distractions. distraction is a major reason why we are lagging behind our goals. Delegate things you think worth paying someone else to create more time.

Also, while waiting for a doctor, salon, or in a queue or doing anything that is taking your time try to do something important for yourself, and plan ahead for such times. When I am  waiting  to see my doctor, or something, I enjoy reading novels that I don’t have time to read in my normal time. Healthy is an important factor for one to be productive and manage their time wisely, try to get enough sleep and eat right, in this way it will boost your energy levels.

      5. Reward yourself

Motivation is an important aspect for one to manage his/her time; it is the food for the    soul.You sometimes need to push harder to achieve your time management goal.  Therefore the first thing to ask yourself is why do you want to improve your time management?  The answer or the goal you are achieving should be your source of your motivation. Rewards will add positive reinforcement to you work and study time. Be rewarding yourself  to something that will make you love more on what you are going.


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