Anger Management Techniques


look at that image?  yes that is me. Is that you? if its yes, than we are all in the right place. If you are not that person than more power to you. Because we are all here to learn some tips to get off or manage our anger.

“The strongest of you is not the one who can wrestle, but the one who can control himself when he is angry.”(Bukhari)

Anger  is inevitable emotion, it is a temptation and deception. Actually everybody gets angry sometimes, but how we manage our anger is what matters most.

Most of us will agree that anger is bad for our physical health. Some study done by Yale University and journal of the Medical Association indicated that people who often have anger management issues tend to get weaker immune system which lets them to be susceptible to many diseases such as high blood pressure and heart attack


  • The first step of fighting anger is realization of it. Be warned against anger.


  • Seek refuge in Allah from the ploys of Satan and read some duas. For example Oh Allah you are the lord of my prophet Mohammed, forgive my sins and remove the anger from my heart and save me from misguidance.


  • Be mindful of your thoughts about what triggers your anger and how to respond healthily and more constructively. Think positively in any situation. Don’t get frustrated with smaller things that you come across and learn some cooling techniques to deal with your anger before it takes over you. For example find healthier way to express your anger.


  • In the moment of anger practice some relaxation methods that suit you. Taking deep breaths has worked for many or may be take some time out.


  • If all these methods don’t work for you, know when to seek professional help. It is advised to see a therapist.


” Do not become angry. The man repeated his request for advice, and each time, the Prophet(asw) replied with this one phrase “Do not become angry.” (Bukhari)





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