Lifestyle Choices

You need all those... choose wisely

Pretty much when we are in the warmness of our mothers’ womb we don’t have choices. Then you grow up bit, and your parents make the choice for you to go madras-ah (in the case of Muslims) or school whichever one that comes your way first. While you are in there, you have been taught that you should be this way, that way or no way, and is a constant battle.

You will always hear from people of all walks of life say, “you know I don’t have much of a choice. I have to do this …I should do this or things will fall apart…It is do it or die.” For example. If I don’t go to school and get that paper and brag about how great I was in school, I will not have a job in this fast word. Or I should do medicine or engineering because my mother will be upset (actually for same reasons if you ask my mother she still secretly wants me to be one of those). Look at the world we are living in now; drop-outs are the ones that are wealthiest, so how are you doing with that paper? I am not saying you should also leave school, but be careful with the choices you make. Sometimes, having papers just because most people do have? Is not an enough reasoning. What you do with your choice is the ultimate goal. Take calculated risk. You need to look at your left and right before you cross roads.

Humans have that notion of something will go wrong if they don’t do certain things, and actually sometimes it is just the opposite. I will never get to understand that.

Why is it so hard to make the choices I want and be happy with it, and people don’t have to comment about it? What is wrong with that? No. Nothing is wrong with that, but choices have some guidelines and you need to be guided. The end result of your life here on earth will always be the sum total of the choices you made while you were here. And that alone, is a enough reason why you need to make careful choices.

You are constantly making choices and it is an opportunity cost; you are reading this blog about lifestyle choices, and you gave up to read other articles in this particular time. So do i. I chose to write this. It was my next best choice.

All I want to say is one way or the other; you will either have choice overload or no choice. There is no balance. Create that balance. Improve your lifestyle in areas you need to, and be specific about it. Define your choices don’t be random. And be bold about the choices you make, not everyone will be happy with your choices. know what is important to you. Always ask Allah(God) for some guidance, and remember your loved ones in your decision-making process. You need their support.

It is all about this
It is all about this…

“Destiny is about a choice, not a chance. If you are in a place you don’t want to be in, you are one decision away from being where you want to be.” Caroline Mutoko.

With love,




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