The Saudi dream can be just one click away!

The Saudi dream can be just one click away!

Behind the Saudi Veil

I’m a Saudi citizen living in Saudi Arabia and I know that life here, like anywhere else, can be hard sometimes. Especially to Saudi women. To wait on a driver, to wear black Abaya, (a loose gown that covers a woman’s full body) in the heat, “thanks God recently they have been colored”,
to deal with mockery and attack in Twitter just because your opinion is different from the crowd.

Trust me, It was only a few months ago when I realized that I have been carrying my concerns with me wherever I travel. Eventually I was defined by those problems; “the girl who can’t read maps because she doesn’t drive a car”, “the girl in long sleeves in August”, “the girl who is always busy”

Now, I believed those labels which others put on me. It was until I realized that I am not defined by boundaries of others…

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