All About This Month

Remember? How they always say … Be grateful, because many are praying for what you have. It is true. keep wishing and keep being grateful. It takes time to change a habit. But hey, most of us are trying and I am finally trying to transform to a better me. It is not easy, and  no one has said it will be… but today, i am thankful. Thankful to Allah (God) for all that i have and all that i don’t have.

Lately, I have been trying so hard to stop thinking  about  the future, and being scared of the unknown. All the what if and what if nots? It is tough to ignore you inner thoughts though. Man.. they are very loud. There are many unsettled issues and unsolved equations in everybody’s life, but for some reason i thought may be mine are more complicated than calculus and algebra (that is what some friends of mine who dislike math in general would tell you). Reality check, i was just creating those worries unnecessarily. I was the Issue not the future. Not even the unknown. I guess many will say… ooh everybody does that… Yes, but why do we do that? I don’t know the answer. Help me.

To avoid all the unnecessary negative energy that drain me, I will be sharing this with you every month InshaAllah.

Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Grateful: for my family, my health, the new opportunities and everything that is happening in my life. Alhamdullilah.


  • Happy : To finally go back to school for further studies. Alhamdulilah. It finally feels nice  to fight with my inner demons.


  • Liking: The cold weather and me not catching a cold; first time for a long time.


  • Frustrations: How I will manage work, seminar,training an intern and 6 courses in one semester. But here is to productivity and positivity. Cheers.


  • Wondering: why some can not genuinely be happy for others. Whatever that is meant for you will never miss you and what is not for u will never reach you..


  • Wishing: Myself  and everyone else that is procrastinating a happy productive month.


  • Helping: My self to learn to care less, learn from my mistakes and stop complaining.


  • following: That is my bed time stories blog. People have a lot to talk about. It is a great site.


  • Feeling: Less awkward to talk to strangers. Smile is the best gift you can give to a random stranger.


  • Excited: For the upcoming Ramadan.  Awaited and blessed month. Cant wait.


  • Reading: Reclaim your heart by Yasmin Mogahed over and over again. I don’t know if I want to finish.

Now it is your turn… Comment below what  you are grateful for.


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