The Ramadan Vibe

Welcome home…You are missed greatly. The blessings of Allah SWT are many, and this month (Ramadan) is one of the greatest blessings of Allah.  Many who have been with us last Ramadan are not with us today. May Allah SWT bless wherever they may be and may He bless us after them.

Each time Ramadan comes, the love, the energy, and the productivity hits the roof. Ask. And almost all will tell you they wish that Ramadan was more than one month…There is a good vibe wherever you go. You will be bombarded congratulatory text and duas. People are invited to homes for Iftar (breakfast)  just because it is an awesome month.

For some reason, when Ramadan is approaching i get hyped, excited and panic at the same time. I mean I get scared if I am going to make it, or will I be able to make good out of it if Allah gives me the chance. I don’t know about others, but that is how I feel. Insha Allah i pray that we make great out of this blessed month… Aamen. And may Allah add us to those that win His mercy and forgiveness.

Well, some of you will think, how lame! Why you aren’t nervous about the hunger, isn’t food is important?  Yes of course, I will miss having cheat meal every Friday for the next four weeks Insha Allah, but cheat meal will never get level with the multitudinous rewards of Ramadan . The main essence of Ramadan is that Ramadan is an act of worship, and to also feel for the ever-hungry people. Truth to be told, you probably will never understand something until it happens to you so feeling hungry will make us appreciate what we have and give back to the community. And all that Is to make us humble, and care-givers.

Islam is about maximizing your resources and that is your TIME. All of us will have extra energy, and feel more productive in that month. What happens afterwards? We go back to our normal cycle. I mean, we just forget the amazing productive month we had. And that is not a good choice.

Here, I will discuss few great habits that we should maintain after Ramadan. The following are reminder to all of us.

  • The hype should last longer– Ramadan should not be the only time you are a Muslim. If the blessing of this month made you a great Muslim, than you should keep it that way all the time. Keep every act of worship you did during the Ramadan recurring.


  • Make things simpler for yourself- Yes during the Ramadan there are some act of worship that we do constantly but we can’t after Ramadan. Great examples are Taraweeh, the fasting and Tahajud. What you will be able to do is wake up for Tahajud (night prayer), when you can- It is a life changing event believe me. you can also fast some days- your soul and body will appreciate you for that, and adding some Sunnah prayers to your Farad(daily prayers). Keep up the good energy.


  • Improving your character– it is always Haram to defame, ill-treat or harm anybody, but people  put higher emphasis on it during Ramadan month as they will take the due Ajar out of your fasting. Actually, all that will also take your Hasanat (blessings) same way as they do during Ramadan. Therefore, keep up the good character you have created during Ramadan.


Let us not be seasonal Muslims and lets challenge ourselves to be  great neighbors, citizens, great Muslims, and care-givers to all, all the time.


Love and peace,



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