All About This Month

Wow….. I can’t believe… time really flies. So now June- my favorite is gone? What is more astonishing is that Ramadan is also almost departing. I am so grateful to Allah for this beautiful month. What a blessing…. It is a spiritual month. People are in their best spirit. In this month, the bounty of Allah is doubled so being charitable to others is one of the best things to do during this month  . Imagine giving a penny just a penny to a needy, and in Allah’s mercy you are rewarded eighty-three times or more thawabs? This is the blessings of Allah. Please be as much charitable as you can in this last ten days of Ramadan  and may Allah shower you His mercy and laylatul Qadr (the night of power).

June has been a great month for me Alhamdulilah. I have been blessed to see another year Alhamdulilah. So happy birthday to me…. What a great month.

Grateful: for my health, family, and this beautiful Islam. I am so grateful to God for all His provisions. I am still breathing Alhamdulilah.

Happy: about my birthday in Ramadan for the fourth time. What better way would you celebrate your life other than asking Allah to bless it, and to forgive you.

Liking: my new journal book. Oldie but Goldie

Helping: myself to pay attention to my surroundings and be more present.

Wishing: myself and my fellow Muslims Soum makhbul and Eid Mubarak.

Feeling:   sad to what is happening to my brothers and sisters in Syria, Palestine, Somalia and around the world. May Allah SWT ease the suffering and problems of this Ummah.

Reading: Quran, as it is the month of Quran.

Trying: to keep a gratitude journal. It was for the Ramadan but I will Insha Allah keep doing it every day.

Following: Hodan Ibrahim’s Ramadan notes in her site MashaAllah she is a great entrepreneur, author and inspiring Muslimah. Please check her website.

Wanting: to take a break and breath.

Wondering: if I will stop worrying about the little things…. I need to chill sometimes right?


So tell us about you and what you are grateful for.


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