The Positive You

This kind of topic is bit controversial at least for me, and it  confuses me sometimes.  It is not easy to talk about  it….But today I want to take you through some changes i have been making throughout the years.. it is not that big of a deal or that big of a change and i wish i have done better. But i am also grateful for the long journey that took me to this position (the realization stage). I am happy that i am work in progress…

Life is a beautiful thing… it is a great adventure and a constant battle field, like it or not you are constantly knocked down, and you are constantly learning, hating, liking, crying, laughing or may be sad or mad.  And all of those are not permanent. Alhamdulilah that we are not promised to get stuck at one situation ..otherwise it would have being boring or sickening… diversity is great..

All that being said …At which point  in your life do you consider yourself a positive person?.. what makes you that positive person? I am sure you must have come across some negative energy or situations in your life that gave you the experience to check on the other side of the coin (positivity).   You are not the only one.

I know somehow somewhere someone is going through a lot, and I mean unbearable circumstances that i will never wish for my enemies. And also i will not be shocked to know that they are more grateful, positive and happier than i am today. Don’t get me wrong, Alhamdulilah i am grateful to all that i have and i am happy, but i am not in a constant reminder of all those blessings. And that is the problem. I may  complain and sweat about unnecessary stuff sometimes but, when i remember that imaginary person i come back to my senses. I am really grateful to have that imaginary friend. They keep me in check. I come to realize that my source of destruction are internal and external forceful thoughts. My negative thoughts of being not that of a great, lovable, and well put-together person has been intense and for a long time media had a huge influence on my life; complete waste of time and energy.  Alhamdulilah that i am no longer that person, but i am constantly picking a fight with myself not to reverse my thoughts wheel back to square one. And i guess  THIS CONSTANT STRUGGLE is what is  making my life interesting… “you can’t go back to that old you… get serious…. look at you! ” these are my cheesy positive affirmations… they are intimidating sometimes, but helpful.

The following are what helped me come out of my shell:

  1. Realization– I have admitted to myself that i wasn’t happy, and positive. This state of realization helped me come up  with some solutions. You can only help yourself if you know the source of your problem, and mine was  admitting that i wasn’t positive… i couldn’t fight it anymore.
  2.  Media– Although I have fewer social media accounts, what i used to read and checked from was my biggest destruction . I love beautiful pictures, but i used to look for the misery behind that face or scenery. Now i let everything be. No news is good news right?  Media are selling content and they aggravate hate; but that is their job and source of income. I don’t listen or watch something that has no adding value to my life. Believe me bad news spreads faster so i let myself enjoy before the bad news storm hits me.
  3.  Cut those friends– you want to change for the better? leave those negative good-for-nothing people who are not treating you well ore adding value to your life. Some of us keep some people they know they can’t even stand them…they keep those, just because the sheer stupidity of  being scared  of loneliness…Have some respect and love for yourself..Believe me you will be happy and successful with out those..and later you will  thank me for doing that………..Side-note: I am sure all your friends are not negative human kinds so you now know what you should be doing.
  4. Stop feeding your ego–  Feed your soul with all the possible positivism in this world and starve that voice in your head that tells you you are better in this position , or you can do better than others just because you are you or sometimes those demons that you feed inside your head that tells you “I wish i had all that because you alone deserves better and greatness,” which makes you feel envious for something that wasn’t meant for you in the first place. How about this? EVERYONE is great on their own ways and they deserve greatness also. Just accept that and be humble and honest about that feeling.
  5. Don’t sweat the smaller things– now, how small is “small” is debatable. Don’t let worldly life takeover your life. choose an imaginary person that you think she/he is going through major destruction and imagine what they are going through… can you relate? than be thankful that you are not in that position and pray for them.
  6. Be thankful– Do you have a gratitude journal? NO!  Get one today. just a simple one and be thankful about the little things and the bigger things that you have and, pray for others  that are going through a lot and the world because the world needs the prayers of people like you.

With all these smaller positive things that you do will have major impact in your life. The way you look at things, people and your surroundings will change for the better Insha Allah.

 Peace and Love,


2 thoughts on “The Positive You

  1. woooooow masha allah wllhy they are amazing steps especially i luv the first point and the third one cut all the meaningless people who are in your lyf. fatma swthrt to be honest u r my role model and all of us. absolutely u r strong and hardworkind lady active budgeting i hope i will copy paste your success points. i luv ur web famotivational talks. keep going mcnt.

    Liked by 1 person

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