All About This Month

Although I haven’t been consistent with so many other stuff in my life, i am finally happy that i am at least consistent with this blog post. It is worth celebrating. Again, this month went so quickly. I was complaining about how time went by last month, but it is not getting better anyways. PLEASE LET ME CATCH UP.

This month I have had my enough share of highs and lows like most of us have. I can’t complain i am still breathing, healthy and grinning Alhamdulilah. Here we go again.

Grateful: Alhamdulilah that I am happy, health and have lovely family and friends.

Happy: That I haven’t listened my inner voice that was holding me back this time . Taking risk is self satisfying sometimes. I mean calculated risks.

Liking: The idea of going to minimalism. Giving out the clothes and the stuff that  i haven’t used  in one month. If they are there and you have not worn them in one month or more than you don’t need them. Charity begins at your closet. So I guess i am doing myself a favor.

Reading: Lean in: women, work and the will to lead by Sheryl Sandberg. It is an interesting book  that I find it worth putting in my list of reads this month.

Helping: My self to cut down my carbs intake. It is tough. Actually very tough. I don’t understand why  things that are harm to our health are too nice, blink blink and sweet to give up . I have never thought I liked sugar that much not only sugar, but all the carbs.

Wishing: My goals of this year were bit fewer. Sure I have overlooked certain things. Let’s get it girl. Alhamdulilah that the year is only a half way.

Feeling: The urge to drop some people from my list of friendship. Not that I am mad or something, but we are not helping each other in any ways. Still evaluating though. It is the idea of minimization that is kicking in.

Trying: To reduce my time in social media. The struggles are real.

Following: Married at first sight season four. I know that I am struggling with what to spend on with my time and energy, but I also like this show.

Wanting: To create more ME time.

Wondering: What is wrong with expressing your emotions about certain stuff and people without getting the stares of people. People can’t be themselves? Gosh it feels nice to be you. I don’t mean be aggressive, but be honest about your feelings.

Let’s discuss more. What do you have in mind so we can stretch this list?

Peace and love,


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