What If I Told You…

What if I told you all these injustice, bullying and wickedness that is happening now,  the world needs a great person like you. You are restoring our faith in humanity. Yes, YOU are!

Would you believe me instantly if I told you that you are beautiful, sweet, kind, hardworking, honest and all the good adjectives? I certainly believe NO, you wouldn’t. Do you know why? Because most of us are never honest with our compliments, so mine may not make any difference to you. But I still want to tell you that you are all that and above.

What if I told you acknowledging your existence and embracing your natural state of being is part of gratitude. You are who you are and you are where you are today just because of the  graciousness Allah (God), and the blessing of your struggles so appreciate God and yourself more.

What if I told you letting go of  grudges and bitterness  is for your benefit that it is for others even when they never asked you for forgiveness, because neither do they deserve the attention that your mind and body is giving to them nor does your mind deserves the negativity it is holding. Let it go.

What if I told you it is OK to not make everyone happy, because you will never make them happy anyways.  And the earlier you accept that fact the better.

What if I told you success is not the results you have attained, but the cause, the drive, the failures, the risks and the prayers that you have been making all these time. So keep on going.

What if I told you whatever challenges that you are struggling with now should be the least to worry about. You are here alive, and this shall pass . Our place in Hereafter should worry you and me more.  Because here and whatever that is in it, is temporary.


What if I told you that you loved so much by many people no matter how. Because unconditional love is  real. They don’t need to relate to you by blood or know you in person to give you the love and the respect you deserve. So increase your circle.

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Peace & Love,


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