All About This Month

A lot of great stuff have happened this month Alhamdulilah, but I also have had some healthy drawbacks. I consider those drawbacks very small and so irrelevant, but they have been part of September so they are worth mentioning.

Grateful: for my healthy that is getting better Alhamdulilah. I am also grateful for my family and all the favors Allah bestowed on me.

Happy: with my struggles, I am finally seeing some real results. Fighting with procrastination is not a joke.

Liking: the idea of listening to understand not to respond. It is a struggle but I am trying.

Helping: myself achieve my goals faster although nature is dragging it down. Alhamdulilah though.

Wishing: deadlines were never an option. School is good until deadlines strike. I wish.

Feeling: drained with my school work, sickness and work deadlines. Pressure in every corner. Alhamdulilah without those, may be my life would have been boring. You never know.

Trying: to hold my head up high and not to overwhelm myself with all that I need to do.

Wondering: how I can convince a mentally ill person that i am not the person they think I am. Proof doesn’t help even.

following: Yes I have mentioned this site in almost all my posts but i am still following it. I have Learnt  a lot from the personal stories of that site.

Reading: What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey. I couldn’t finish it so I am still reading. Try it out, it is a good read.

How about you? Tell us what you are grateful for this month.






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