Attitude Of Gratitude

Today marks the end of a year full of wonderful blessings and horrible stuff that shook the world to its core. lately, #imnotgonnamiss2016 has been a trend in the social media. People who may never had a tip of the iceberg of what people in Aleppo-Syria went through are the ones that are writing these things and I wonder why is it so for them? Hold up! How bad can this year go when you are still alive, have your family, home, your phone/tab/computer and moreover your hands to type that and you have the audacity to complain about 2016 ! What more do you want? heaven on earth?

I chose this title “Attitude of Gratitude” to appreciate all that has been happening to me and for me. I am so grateful to the most High because everything I experienced taught me something about myself and the universe. Every time I complain about  a petty stuff I bring my mind back on how the situation could have been worse so i need not to complain. I am a believer  and this narration have changed my life forever. It taught me to be grateful for everything and anything that is drawing me closer to Allah.

قالَ رَسُولُ اللهِ: (عَجَبًا لأَمْرِ المؤمنِ إِنَّ أمْرَه كُلَّهُ لهُ خَيرٌ ليسَ ذلكَ لأَحَدٍ إلا للمُؤْمنِ إِنْ أصَابتهُ سَرَّاءُ شَكَرَ فكانتْ خَيرًا لهُ وإنْ أصَابتهُ ضَرَّاءُ صَبرَ فكانتْ خَيرًا لهُ) رواهُ مُسْلِمٌ

“How wonderful is the affair of the believer, for his affairs are all good, and this applies to no one but the believer. If something good happens to him, he is thankful for it and that is good for him. If something bad happens to him, he bears it with patience and that is good for him.” (Narrated by Muslim).

You are what you put in your mind so Insha Allah lets be hopeful and master the art of living purposefully in the coming year.





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