Just The little Things

The little things that matter to our lives most are those that are surprisingly simple and  attainable and they fairly contribute to our happiness. Let me say this, you don’t have to win a lottery, or get career promotion or anything of that sort only for you to feel happy, and of course who am I kidding, those also make us happy, but how about how our eyes light up every time we need some money and we find 20 bucks in our old hand bag (girls will understand this better) or how our all-time favorite t-shirt still fits us perfectly. How about when all your exam results are in and you have passed all of them with distinctions, but you weren’t sure of what you did? … Man! That is really happiness… It is just the little things.

I know everybody has a list of things that they believe once they get them they will be happy and there is no harm in it. We all want a little bit of this and a little bit of that and that create a never-ending demand of worldly things. It is what makes us unhappy and that is what the world wants. They want us chase one material object after another.

I believe happiness is an internal job that needs some external factors to be in place so we can reap that internal peace.

I find balance-control and faith to be the two major contributors of internal happiness. If you can attain focus without juggling between things than you have a solid balance in your life and that should make you happy.

Most of the time emotional imbalance is main culprit of anxiety, anger and depression therefore, focus on the important goals of your life and be content with what you have, cannot have and what you wouldn’t be able to do anything about. We are not here to figure it all, but to have purpose. So, just focus on your intentions, your daily routine and make them happy moments and memories.

Faith is having trust in the most High and in yourself.  It is having trust and enjoying the process rather than relying on results.  Faith gives us harmony, peace, equilibrium and purpose. Therefore have some faith.

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