The Simple Things We All Should be Doing

In order to better our lives and bless the lives around us, there are things we keep meaning to do, but never get around to do them. I thought the following points could be one those we need to implement to improve our lives.

  1. Gratitude Journal– reminding  yourself how blessed you are everyday is the most rewarding thing that you can do for yourself. Be grateful even when it doesn’t feel like  because gratitude and positive attitude trigger happiness and content.
  2. Take care of yourself religiously– take care of your body, emotions and your surroundings.
  3. Charity– touch someone’s heart by giving your time, and energy. Be helpful to others because that is the best gift that you can give someone, and that good deed will fill your saving account in hereafter. See? it is a win-win situation .
  4. Save more– reconstruct your saving goals to improve your lifestyle. Challenge yourself to save some percentage of your income and don’t compromise it.
  5. Relationship Goals– family is everything so take care of them. Friends are also everything after family so hold on to the good ones.
  6. Goal orientation– set some goals and achieve them Setting Suitable Goals. Review them everyday because your goals are your life.
  7. Have Fun– Life is not all that serious so don’t be uptight and complicate your life. Let life happen for you. Get to know yourself and have some me-time and breath.
  8. Budget– I know you didn’t see this point coming, but be a planner. Yes, treat yourself here and there and have fun, but  at least be responsible of what your needs and wants are.
  9. Get Inspired– knowledge is power so learn new stuff everyday.
  10. Stay out of Debt– stay out of the hype and stay out of debt.

                     You think we should expand the list? Please comment your points and views below and  share it with your loved ones.


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