Fun Facts About Me

I have been meaning to write this post for a long time, I couldn’t because I wasn’t sure what fun facts to write about me, but  hey I finally decided to do because this is my birthday month  and y’all will get know little bit about me as my birthday gift to you… Lets have some fun, shall we!

  1. I am the first-born in a family of two kids and my youngest brother is the love of my life
  2. I am curious person by nature. I am the good detective that no one is hiring.
  3. I can’t draw. I  can’t draw  straight lines even with a ruler to save my life.
  4. Coffee is not for me. I have tried and gave it a fair chance, but then it is not for me.
  5. I have few friends. I am the most  open-minded person ever, but I am also too reserved when it comes to making friends.
  6. I hate politics to the max. Even hate is not doing any justices to my feelings, but that is pure.
  7. I suck at make-up. Well, I shouldn’t be, but then I do.
  8. Watermelon is life.
  9. I  am not into  IT  and I am not a fan, but I have managed to build this blog from scratch and the first initials of my blog name are my full names.
  10. Brown has been my favorite color ever since I can remember, but black overtook it recently.
  11. Number 24 is my lucky and favorite number since middle school. I don’t mean it spiritually.
  12. I lost my dad when I was a kid. May Allah bless his soul Amen.
  13. I have phobia of speedy cars (Tachophobia). It is too much. My brain can’t take it. In my head all I see is accident. But I also like the loud rev sounds of cars when I am not in that car LOL.
  14. Pasta is my favorite meal. Pizza and Shawarma are also my cheat meals.
  15. I have soft spot for doll shoes, but not for heels and open shoes.
  16. The love I have for cats and Kitkat are beyond me . They are my sweethearts.
  17. I am a YouTube addict. Diagnosed and confirmed.
  18. I have never attended any concert. Crowded places are never for me.
  19. I am a morning person. Deadlines can’t even keep me up after 12am. The clock in me hasn’t  been raised that way.
  20. I am a crybaby. I am strong, and brave person and I don’t cry for me, but movies, documentaries, happy and sad situations make my eyes ball out. I got a soft heart.

PLUS ONE… I hardly wear jewellery but you will find me wearing a ring most of the time.

I hope you enjoyed and got to know me a little bit more. Tell me more about you too let’s get to know each other.


4 thoughts on “Fun Facts About Me

  1. OMG! I friggin hate politics man!! I love KitKat and I’m not a concert person either! And May Allah tallah grant your dad the highest place in Jannah and may he always guide you and protect you and your family! Ameen! 💜Also fun fact: you posted this blogpost on my birthday 🙈

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