Fulfilling Life Hacks

Life is meant to be one big adventure and it is meant to be lived simply and meaningfully. People have complicated life by constantly yearning and nagging for more; get me some more money, some extra love and affection. Decisions are getting harder and complex by the day but, if you choose to lead a simple and fulling life, by all means you should go for it. Here are some basic hacks that will  lead us to a happier and more fulfilling life.

  1. Strengthen your spiritual life- your faith in your Creator, yourself and your struggles. Your main focus should be the only reason you are here for which is to dutifully please your Creator. Draw yourself more to Him and see your living standard elevated and find peace within you.
  2. No attachment – life is a beautiful thing until you get attached to its sense of illusion and get disappointed over and over again because that is what illusion does its best. Let go of things, situations and people and find yourself happy and content once again.
  3. Manage your expectations- the only secret to happiness is to not have unrealistic pre-conceived notion of people, events and relationships. Work hard, love more and let life happen for you.
  4. Work on your ego– this is not to confuse with self-confidence because ego is not over confidence. Don’t get it all personal about every situation and mind you,  you don’t have to win every argument. You are dispensable any minute of the hour so stop being the center of attention. Accept your mistakes, and stay humble and love for others what you love for yourself.
  5. Go minimalist– own as little as you can. This helps you stay focused and productive, reduces the stress of clutter, and you spend less which is a huge bonus for big spenders.
  6. Be patient and hopeful– don’t dash your life, think through things and situations. When things are not in your favor pray about it, and always look for the silver-lining of every situation. Tomorrow is another beautiful day.
  7. Stay healthy- take care of yourself because you owe that to your body.
  8. Be grateful– you have everything to be grateful for. You being here should be a testimony for your gratefulness. Be grateful even when you feel life has cornered you.


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