All About This Month

Overall, this month has been a great month. I have enjoyed and fully impressed the good and the challenges of it. Here we go again.

  • Grateful: to Allah for my family, my health, my life, and everything that I have and all that I don’t have. Alhamdullilah.
  • Happy : that my uncle who has been sick for a while is getting better. Alhamdulilah. It has been a real struggle for me and for my family and we so grateful to Allah for this. Kindly pray for his recovery.
  • Excited: for finding a new adventure with a new language. Trying hard though so wish me luck.
  • Wishing: Myself and everyone  a happy Eid ul adha
  • Feeling: happy that i have experienced some new adventures this month. Election week was icing on the cake (it was un-officialized holiday).
  • Reading: The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner. I loved and enjoyed reading  this book and definitely I am going to read it again.

  Now it is your turn…What  are you grateful for and what are your plans in the coming month.


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