All About This Month

October has been a month of many things. Political drama , horrific massacre of more than 300 innocent brothers and sisters in Somalia (may Allah SWT rest their souls in peace), emotional draining personal situation, but guess what? it was also fun and adventurous month and I am so grateful for every bit of the lessons I have learnt this month . Let’s get started, shall we?


  • Grateful: to Allah for my family, my health, my life, and all His provisions, love and care. Alhamdullilah.
  • Happy : that I have won my October challenge of waking up as early as 4:30am and not eating red meat( not that I am vegan or vegeterian, I  couldnt help reduce my sugar intake so I took this new challenge) I am so happy and grateful to Allah for all these little achievements.
  • Liking: all the holidays of this month. All these political drama gave us hugely needed holidays. Thank you.
  • Wishing: my country-mates a peaceful repeat election.
  • Helping: myself to go back to my monthly reading schedule that I am lagging behind.
  • Following: One of my favorite TV shows and guilty pleasure Blackish season four.
  • Feeling: Adventurous again. I have enjoyed sightseeing one of the beautiful lakes in this country and I have had some hot spring and mineral baths.  Definitely keeping this adventurous side of me Insha Allah.


  • Reading: Haven’t read any books also  this month. Feeling bad saying that already but, Insha Allah  Iwill be back to that schedule.

I hope you enjoyed reading  this little information about my October, if you did?  Please like, share and comment how your October has been.




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