All About This Year

Surprise! Lost and found.  Here I am again and tomorrow is 2018 Insha Allah. I am equally shocked that 2017 is all gone also I can’t believe this is my second time writing  “All about this year.” post Alhamdulilah for the gift of life. What a blessed year. This year has been a great year in so many ways. The struggles, the heartaches, the adventure, the laughter, the success, the gifts, and the love were all double-double. I am so grateful to Allah for all those nim’a (blessings). Also I have learnt a lot from myself, life and my surroundings. I don’t wish things were any different as everything I went through were all I exactly  needed at some point in my life. In this  blog post I will  rewind and review  what I have learnt, what I am so grateful for in 2017, and what I need to improve next year Insha Allah.

What I have learnt this year

  • You can plan the future as much as you want with every little details, but Allah is the best planner of all.
  • What doesn’t kill you will eventually make you stronger
  • It is actually very ok to put yourself first. At the end you got yourself to lean on
  • Pray hard. Pray. Please pray. Believe me they are always answered.
  • Be a firm believer of yourself. Follow your gut because energy and vibes don’t lie
  • Take a leap of faith.
  • Love passionately all the time.
  • Give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • Don’t let people that don’t matter too much matter too much.
  • It is ok to let life happen for you
  • It is also ok to surprise yourself and do big things planned or not planned
  • It feels great to help someone or make someone smile
  • Overcoming my fears wasn’t an easy step, but I am glad I did it
  • Keeping a gratitude journal have had a positive impact in my life

What I am so grateful for this year

  • The gift of life
  • My Deen (belief)
  • The good health of my body
  • My sanity
  • My family
  • My jobs
  • My success
  • My struggles and draw back
  • And everything this year came with

Things I need to Improve

  • Patience
  • Reading and learning new things
  • My adventurous side and travel more
  • My Ibadah (Servitude)
  • And orient myself business more


I hope this post is helpful for you to reflect and review how the year 2017 was for you. If you like it please like, comment and share with your loved ones.










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