All About First Quarter

Although I was extremely exhausted by the time the year started, I am so grateful for January. It was a cool month. Yes, with all the hype of wanting to better myself and the new year resolutions, I still got a chance to breath and to re-evaluate life. The life lessons that I have learnt 2017 set the tone for 2018 and I am so liking how it is coming along so far. It is getting serious. And all I know February was short and March was my busiest month hence, didn’t post anything. Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Grateful: to Allah for the gift of life, my family, my health(still recovering from cold), and all the love, care and blessings. Alhamdullilah.
  • Happy : That this new year resolution is all about me,myself and I. Time to be little bit more selfish.
  • Improving: my healthy- less caffeine, my social awkwardness and my time management skills.
  • Liking: the new training that I am currently undertaking. New field, new opportunity.
  • Most proud of: how I am handling my emotions lately. It is so hard when you have been the vocal and the one who has a response to everything. Keeping it all mum now.
  • Helping: myself to stay on track and still have fun( travel more). I am not used to this new me, so the hustle is getting  real already.
  • Following: Oprah’ super-soul Sunday podcast.
  • Feeling: little tired, I am everywhere, managing business, studying and still maintaining my 9-5pm job. It is exhausting. I guess it is ok to be handful sometimes because it teaches you to prioritize real quick.
  • Lessons: that I have learnt these three months are to keep on going, I promise it gets better with time.
  • Reading: I have read The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and Dont be Sad by Aidh Al-qarni.

I hope you enjoyed reading  this little information about the first quarter of my year, if you did?  Please like, share and comment how yours has been so far.



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