Attitude Of Gratitude

Today marks the end of a year full of wonderful blessings and horrible stuff that shook the world to its core. lately, #imnotgonnamiss2016 has been a trend in the social media. People who may never had a tip of the iceberg of what people in Aleppo-Syria went through are the ones that are writing these … More Attitude Of Gratitude

All About This Month

A lot of great stuff have happened this month Alhamdulilah, but I also have had some healthy drawbacks. I consider those drawbacks very small and so irrelevant, but they have been part of September so they are worth mentioning. Grateful: for my healthy that is getting better Alhamdulilah. I am also grateful for my family … More All About This Month

Your Well-being

It is amazing how almost of all of us want to improve our lifestyle, and yet we are doing a zero job to get there. I guess it is just the mere sayings. Some of us are battling  with our physical health, others with the spiritual wellness and some with social and emotional well-being.. While … More Your Well-being

All About This Month

What a great month! This month has been a blessing Alhamdulillah. Without further ado, let’s get started again. Grateful– To Allah for my family, health, and all that I have Alhamdulilah. Totally grateful. Happy: That i am finally going back to do my community service class (totally a choice). It feels nice that one benefits … More All About This Month