Productive Muslimmah (Mothers Edition)


Family is one of the greatest blessings from Allah, so let’s thank the most Merciful the most Gracious; Allah SWT for everything we have and everything we don’t have. We don’t choose our families (who be our dad, mom and siblings) He chooses for us and that is why you have friends; there you choose who befriends with you. Again let’s pray for our mothers that Allah SWT reward them in His highest rank of Jannah. Subhanallah, nothing can compensate what our mothers did for us and what they are doing for us even after we are grown up. Mothers often give up their dreams, and goals to just be there for us, so we can get a better life and better akhira (life after this).

It takes a great amount of energy to just go through one day what mothers go through on their daily bases just for us. I am a grateful daughter and we all should be.

Habits of Highly Productive Muslimmah

Here are five powerful habits of a productive Muslimmah.

  1. Parenting skills

Although there are common dos and don’ts on how to raise a family yet, every mother has her unique style of raising a child. Productive mothers are always on the verge of learning new skills for example, the Islamic way of raising family, the modern style and the child psychology.

  1. Organization

They are very organized. They manage their time wisely (read my post of time management tips). Highly productive mothers do understand that time is Amaanah so they maximize their time by waking up early if they are early risers or fix their important tasks before they hit the bed (night owls). They are very observant on their daily routines to avoid losing track.

  1. Recreation time

They bond with themselves. Does that sound crazy? Yes they do bond with their self.  To stay productive and active they take care of their physical and mental health, build their self-esteem and social sphere. Well-rested parents make great parents.

  1. Seek knowledge

They are always improving and learning new things. Since they manage their time wisely they get the time for the kind of education they need. They go to school, some take online courses;there a lot of valuable courses that are suitable for stay-home mothers and even working class mothers.  Attend Quranic and educational gatherings to just increase their knowledge.

  1. Best teachers

They are the best teachers to their children. At young age, and even better when kids are at their womb they educate them. Don’t ask me how, because I also don’t know as am yet to be a mother. As many doctors say, towards the end of the second trimester, your baby starts to hear so being positive and telling stories to your kid when they are at your womb helps them learn quicker. Productive mothers teach their kids how to read, integrity, etiquettes, respect for themselves and for others, time management and value of money.

Tips of Raising Great Children

  1. Put your trust In Allah and do your best- always make Dua for yourself and your family and the challenges ahead as raising a family is not a cup of tea for some if not for all.
  2. Be their role model- kids are visual human beings, so let them learn from you. Don’t preach them on what to do and what not to do but, be the example you want them to be in the future.
  3. Learn to improve your budgeting system– reduce your unnecessary expenses and they learn the importance of time value of money.
  4. Let your child sit with you and learn how to communicate better.
  5. Teach your children their responsibility as a Muslim– let them do charity work, and make sure they help each other and love each other at young age.
  6. Be friends with your kids– who wouldn’t love to have a mother to talk to about anything even the little things that happen to you on way home without scared of some form of punishment. Man! It is a great feeling to talk to your mother like a friend, so let them experience that feeling or they will fall to the hands of the wrong group of friends.
  7. Upgrade your skills– be updated. learn new stuff if you can, because the world is fast changing so take that new course, get to your kids level, do something they never thought they could do so they can improve themselves too. Be the best person you can be for them and for yourself.
  8. Reward you kids– appreciate their honest, and the things they are doing better. Don’t be mean to say thank you when they do something for you because they love it. Trust them, and know the things they love so you can gift them when they do some great job.
  9. Values– teach them what is important to you such as your religious beliefs.
  10. Pray with them and tell the stories of heroes. Isn’t a Khalid Bin Walid a real hero than super and Batman? It is your duty to teach their Islamic history.

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child (Sophia Loren).



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