All About This Year-2016

2016 has been a great year for me. Alhamdulilah I am still alive and grinning so what more blessing can i ask for? The rest can be fixed so lets keep moving. For the past six month I have created this little journal in my blog that I call ‘ All About This Month’ to  remind myself how that month went for me, by the way this month could have been the seventh but I got carried away with my busy schedule and I found myself in December, but hey November is collabing  with the whole year…This journal is  like monthly diary, but  without the little dramas of dear diary today I met……. It was a life changing experience and I am grateful that I have done that, and InshaAllah I am intending to keep doing it. Here we go again..Shall we?

Grateful to Allah SWT that I am alive and experiencing the joy of the last day of the year…. I am enjoying the long holiday/weekend… I am grateful that I am healthy….somehow, I am not feeling too well while I am writing this but hey I am too healthy to just postpone this …no no  procrastination is not your friend.. it is not your friend.

Happy that life has been so good to me in so many different levels. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t bed full of roses and life has its ups and downs but It wasn’t too bad either. And if it was i choose to appreciate the better days more than the tough times.

Helping myself to be more patient with myself and people. I know you can’t ignore certain things, but as long as people are not harming me,or the world or themselves than I should exercise some PATIENCE.

Feeling sad that in this year, I have lost some family members to a curable diseases and sudden deaths including my very dear to my heart  friend’s dad. My Allah SWT bless their souls and have mercy on them.

Wondering if the world will be a better place for the displaced mothers and kids. Will humanity rise up and people be kind at heart and more welcoming in 2017 than they were in 2016?

Liking the idea of taking risk with people instead of trusting them. You will minimize the unnecessary amount of pain and all the whys but whys!!!!!!!!!…….

Currently not reading any book but InshaAllah I hope I be a vivid reader next year…. I mean from tomorrow. Leila, you are my inspiration to all these reading thing, and I pray 2017 treats you better than 2016 Insha Allah.

Wishing everybody many prosperous years ahead with life full of purpose, happiness and laughter….AMEEN

Any new year resolutions! please suggest them below.


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