Have you ever felt  the urge of…. Gosh! Did i one point in my life ever loved myself enough? Have i ever gave a chance myself to explore within? Now what do I want/expect myself from? if you haven’t done it before,  now it is your chance to evaluate your existence because self-love is real.

In the world we are living in, we as women are expected:

  •  when you are growing up-to be the caring and the loving sister ever
  • when married-to be the greatest supporting system to your husband
  • when you have kids-to be the best mother that raises great leaders and scholars
  • and when grow old- to be  the sweets grandma ever…

Really? what about me though? Ain’t nobody got time for my self-love… yes that is how mean the world can get so! Get some love for yourself.

In here, we will be discussing the power of self-love that Allah SWT bestowed us. Yourself got rights on you so as Allah. As a Muslim you should worship Allah and that is His rights on you. Also your soul and body got rights on you too. You should take care of yourself religiously.

Loving Yourself

  • Get Real- Self Talk

Get real with yourself. Don’t exaggerate and don’t understate yourself  you need to accept the soul and body that you are in. you can not love yourself without some acceptance. Get peace with your existence. Everybody got some flaws and you are not exceptional. Are you? Don’t ignore them, just rouse their existence. positive affirmation is a great thing to do. Yes you will feel low, you will be defeated and you will lose one time or more times, but that doesn’t mean you are a loser. If you don’t like what you see or do than do something positive about it. Don’t get hard on yourself of the things you got wrong while you are in the process of improving…. others are  doing that business for us ( people love and enjoy roasting so let them get hard on you.) Just impress and go forward. Be thankful it does wonders.

  • Be Patient- Be gentle with your feelings

This sounds bit opposite of point one. I don’t mean be lame or wait until things go your way. Of course have a Tawakul ( Allah’s decree-trust)  and strive  to be better until you are where you wanted to be. But also have some patience when things go wrong. Yes things will go wrong because we are not an expert on the self-loving thing therefore, be gentle with your feelings. Your choice of self-love is not to get to perfection and compete with people who are doing better, but to be you and yourself and improve according to your pace. Don’t get disheartened when people surpass u….everybody is playing to their own tune and you are in the game so play hard too.

  • Respect Yourself- Be selfish about it

Be brave enough to work out from anything or anybody that is not serving you right. Love yourself enough to say yes, you did me wrong and you treated me bad, but no more. Don’t you ever take verbal or physical abuse from nobody. Speak up (not loud) enough so people don’t assume.  People will respect you as much as you respect yourself. Do not allow toxic people in your life, that is a killer. Not everyone is going to like you ( you are not an Instagram post or picture) so stop being desperate about the approval of others and be prepared for hate and worse enough for rejection ( good lucky with that… am sure you need that luck.)

  • Be In Charge of Yourself- Be The Centre  of Yourself

Be responsible of your time, resources, emotions and self-worth. Don’t let yourself down in achieving your goals in life (assuming you got some life goals.)  Love your body and take care of your health; do exercise, eat healthy, pamper yourself and nourish your mind by learning new things (Productive Muslimmah (Mothers Edition). learn how to manage your time and finances(resources) so you can treat yourself well by getting cross one or two things from you bucket list ( wish list) all the time. Let that emotions get loose- it is therapeutic. Ain’t nobody tell you that you can’t cry because you are grown up man/woman. Let it loose when you feel like crying, it heals.

With time, try those DIYs (do it yourself)  and when they sink-in, you will know the value of self-worth. Things will change towards the positive direction  Insha Allah. You will accept yourself as who you are and you will  also accept the short comings of others. You will stand out the crowd bi’ithnillah, so love yourself selfishly and love others.

With love,




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