Insecurity Has A Huge Cost

Now, to just  spell out on something here, we all have some insecurities integrated within us,  it is always there, so insecurity is not limited to a certain people of  whom we think are missing something big. I do believe we can have control over insecurities, but we cannot eliminate it as we may be insecurity about something today and another one tomorrow. When the sever type of anxiety hit us, it actually costs us our  lives and often keep us from what we truly desire.

  • Emotionally exhausting– looking for validation is draining. Oftentimes, to save face and get validation we go the extra mile and it wears us out later. Insecurity takes our power to control our critical inner voices so, God forbid if someone says something about us, good or bad it is the honest truth for us and it deems us and kills our self-esteem.  It is exhausting and draining to be a ‘people’s pleaser.’ Do you baby, believe in yourself, have some confidence and don’t let people’s talk get under your skin.
  • Illusive spending– to cover up our outer flaws we spend a ton of money on things that are adding no value and purpose to our lives. Because of trend we are in a huge debt. Talk to me about your credit cards and I will tell you the type of spender you are…I want us to know of course dressing smartly and classy is desirable but, don’t go overboard because exaggeration is never good.
  • Ruins your healthy– sometimes you claim you are watching your diet so you under-eat and starve yourself because you are scared people noticing your chubby chicks but when no one appreciates your struggles you are back to square one and start eating more and harm yourself. Acceptance is a key to this situation. You need to take care of yourself knowing it is for you and be patience with the process.
  • Habit changing– making solid decisions are always tough and struggle when you feel insecure about your intellect. You are not sure of yourself or anything in that matter so, you believe your ideas are not worth sharing. You are too flexible and ever-changing. We oftentimes develop this type of insecurities when we are growing up. At school, your teacher used to shame you in class, you are bullied or sometimes you have been neglected by your parents intentionally or unknowingly. Yes, it will have huge impact on you but that should be a history that is there for reference and it should not define your present and future. Be brave enough to execute your goals, thoughts and ideas. This will take us to our next point which is…
  • Career Moves– when you are insecure about your intellect, you believe others are doing better you are, and in meetings you may never say anything because you are scared of your colleagues knowing about “stupid ideas” and they belittle you later. Your contribution is limited, and with that you never grow. You play safe and always look for job security over taking risk and exploring new path and you negotiate poorly. Stand up for yourself and choose to grow in your field, and have passion. Don’t let your mind scare you about the unknown as no one knows it anyways. Explore and don’t let money be your biggest motivation.


You are what you put in your mind so Insha Allah let’s be hopeful and master the art of living purposefully all the time.


Peace & love,






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