All About This Month

Although January has been a long month ( Y’all know what I mean, like it doubled for real… lol), but it has also been  a great month. Alhamdulilah I must admit I have started off on the right foot. You know when you are in your new year resolution mood, yes I am in those early stages of it. Happy new year by the way. Here we go again.

Grateful for my healthy, my life, my family, my  strength, my body and my perseverance. I am thankful to Allah for all His provisions Alhamdulilah

Happy that I have finally got something that I have been hankering for years. Alhamdulilah. One step at a time InshaAllah.

Liking how persistent I am  with my schedule. No lies, it is tough. I didnt expect that much of resistance. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, I guess I need 42 days.

Wishing everyone a  happy, prosperous and productive new year.We are still in January so it is still a new year.

Feeling so tired and drained as I write this post. Yeah at least I am not postponing it. See?

Trying to execute one goal at a time. Bye bye  messed and undocumented goals.

Following . He is a great guy. Yes, you will enjoy his training and videos.

Reading  The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.Yes, I know. I should have read this book  long ago, but life happened and it ended up in my read list for the longest i can remember.

Thanks for following my monthly journal. I hope you enjoyed it.



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